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MySchool.pk | A Project of Movement of Human Development (MHD)
1st Jan 2016 : Free Lectures for 8th 9th 10th including english and urdu medim ,10th March 2016 : Video Lectures will be online soon ,4th May 2016 : Non Need to Jump site to site for your board result , we have collected all board result on one page , 10th May 2016 : Online Quran with translation with more than 20 Alims ,

Welcome to MySchool.pk

Welcome to Myschool.org.pk. Education is basic need of our youth. Quality education is available in Pakistan for a few. Our aim is to offer free access to quality education through the use of internet. There is lot of area in the country where even a basic school does not exist but the internet service is available. Tuition fee of our urban schools is much more than per hour charges paid for internet service. Our country-side schools do not have science and Math’s teachers; therefore, the majority of rural youth is deprived of science education. Even good text books are not available to them.

Myschool.org.pk is providing online quality education free of cost to the Pakistani students all over the country and abroad. The beneficiaries of the online tuition are students of class VIII, IX, X. The subjects are being taught interactively by qualified teachers hired from elite English medium and Urdu medium schools. The subjects being taught are English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Quranic text and its translation imparting humanist message of Islam.

Value of Female Education in Pakistan is expressed in detail along with History of this education in Pakistan. In a society like Pakistan females have major strength due to their ratio in the total population of the country. As per the consensus of the year 2012 it is being recorded that females comprised of 49.19% of the total population which is considered to be huge. Ignoring this population ratio factor still being the Islamic state and a modern country Pakistan should give equal opportunities for the females as far as education is considered so that they can play their vital role in the development and improvement of the state’s economy.

Unfortunately this is opposite to it in Pakistan where such a massive population is being unfairly treated and is not given the equal opportunity in the field of education. Pakistan is a state in which there are various layers of society and the mentality of the people so it is unfair to generalize the nature of the people and the status of female education in Pakistan. If we consider the modern cities of Pakistan which includes Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad; the children here are given equal opportunities in the area of education.


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